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Your Artists’ Journey

An Online Course Designed To Help You Find Your Voice & Style

with Instructor & Artist Mike Brennan

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Do you struggle with finding your voice as an artist?

Do you wish you would stumble upon your style as an artist already?

Maybe you’ve been away from your art for a long time
and you’re hoping for a creative comeback?

Or, you frustrated with trying to create consistently?

I get it, because I’ve been there. And, I’d love to help you by sharing how I found my voice and style through a daily art making habit and practice.

Join me as I unpack lessons from my 365 day consecutive day art making journey spanning the past four years (over 2,000 pieces and counting. Yes, math wizards, I doubled up some days).

In this course you will learn:

• How to combat common fears and excuses
• How to gain and keep momentum
• Helpful tools, supplies, and methods

I’ll even let you take a peek into my personal sketchbooks, as well as share some key books and resources that were instrumental in my own journey. All this with the goal of helping you establish a daily art practice where your voice and style can emerge.

My goal is to help equip you for your own 365 day journey, by breaking it down to bite sized steps. By the end of this course, if you’ve applied the methods and principles I share, you will have successfully established a daily art making habit that will lead to you finding your style and voice.

Daily Time Required: All you need to start is 5 to 10 minutes a day, set aside to your art making.

Materials needed: pens, pencils, and a sketchbook. You can add any art supplies you have along the way. Start simple!

Going on this journey has led to me discovering a new style and topic plus a surprising twist to getting new exposure for my art. I will tell you all the details inside the course.

Ready to begin your journey with me?

Great! I can’t wait to meet you in the course!

Mike Brennan
Instructor, The Artists’ Mentor

Peek inside the course to see what I have ready and waiting for you in Your Artists Journey...

I have included these 3 helpful resources for you to use on your path...


Your Theme Planner (downloadable PDF)


Your Resource List 
(downloadable PDF)


Your Course Transcript
(downloadable PDF)

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“Inspiration comes and goes, creativity is the result of practice.”

— Phil Cousineau, Author

Does Finding Your Voice & Style Really Matter?

Yes, Definitely, Yup, For Sure!
Here’s Why...

→ You will stand out from the sea of sameness
→ You will attract better clients and customers
→ You will be creating work that you enjoy and avoiding burnout

In This Course You Will Learn:

→ How to combat common fears and excuses
How to gain and keep momentum
Helpful tools, supplies, and methods

Resulting in:

→ Your own daily art habit
→ Insight and confidence about your art 
→ Tools to gain and maintain your momentum

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You Will Be Part Of Our Community

We know the life of an artist can be too solitary!
That’s why we include opportunities to meet other artists to learn and support each other.

→ Join our discussion with other students within the course
→ Get exclusive access to our private Facebook group with other students and Instructors

You Will Have Access To

2 Hours of Content
3 PDF’s
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Work At Your Own Pace

You get immediate access to all of the content of your course. However, you can go through each lesson a bit at a time if you’d like. It’s up to you and what works best for you.

Desktop, Mobile And Tablet Friendly

Your course content (video, text, PDF, discussion area) can be accessed online via your desktop and mobile devices and viewed on the go, 24/7.

Review As Often And As Much As You’d Like

You have lifetime access to this course so you can revisit and review the lessons any time you please. 

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In this course I will equip you for your own 365 day journey by breaking it down to bite sized steps. By the end of this course, if you’ve applied the methods and principles I share, you will have successfully established a daily art making habit that will lead to you finding your style and voice.

I take you into my own studio to show you my sketchbook, tools, and resources.

So, Is This Course Right For You?


  • You are ready to gain confidence in your daily art habits
  • You want to discover new facets to your style and voice as an artist
  • You want to build up your portfolio and share it with the world
  • You want to develop your skills to have creative momentum
  • You enjoy reducing the learning curve so you can get to work faster


  • You don’t want to learn new approaches to your art and creativity
  • You don’t want to exercise and hone your creative muscles
  • You don’t need more art in your inventory to share and sell
  • You don’t need to connect with other artists and build community
  • You prefer to go it alone, learn the hard way, and delay your work

“Great things are
done by a series
of small things brought together.”

— Vincent Van Gogh, Painter

My own artist journey revealed truly surprising results for me!

Now, I want to teach and coach you how to get yours! 

Yes! I am excited to get started now with Your Artists’ Journey ...

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About Your Instructor

Mike Brennan, Artist and Instructor

I am a New Jersey based, multi-faceted artist. A graphic designer by trade, I also create mixed media, watercolor, and digital paintings. I recently completed my fourth year of 365 consecutive days of a daily drawing/painting project (somewhere around 2,500 pieces!! I doubled up!). It was during this practice I learned the secret of discovering my voice, and developing my signature style. I love coming alongside you and share what I’ve learned from my own experience.

My journey to discovering my voice and style helped me find a new direction and build meaningful connections with my customers:

“It. Is. So. Beautiful. I just love it. I have to tell you: I have cried almost every day since losing Crawford last June ... until the day you sent me the first proof. Seeing that, and knowing that I was going to have such a wonderful memorial to our special kitty hanging prominently in my home, has been unexpectedly healing for my heart. Thank you for sharing your talents.” — Ronda

“I am absolutely thrilled with the finished watercolor Mike created and I can’t wait to frame it and hang in my living room! I will treasure it always. It was a pleasure dealing with Mike and I highly recommend him as a complete pro who really cared about every detail!!” — Roseann

I look forward to teaching you how to find your voice and style to help you connect with your customers in a fresh way.

Improve Your Skills And Confidence As An Artist

I will show you how to establish, maintain, and share your daily art practice.

I had to learn on my own how to overcome all the obstacles (including a busy family life and a full time job) that inevitably come up.

You can benefit now from my 5 years of experience and learn his step by step plan to get you going today!

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