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You Are Invited...

Join me and other artists at Your Art Biz Refresh + Refocus Retreat

It’s Fun
It’s Relaxing
It’s Online
(no travel required — yay!)

Can you relate to any of these?

You secretly feel a little (or a lot) of dread about your art business.
You are unmotivated or just plain stressed about what to do next.
You live in a fog about how to find your groove with your art biz.
You are doing all the ”right things” and still not getting results

If you are nodding your head then I have good news!
You are not alone.

Why A Retreat?

I was inspired to create this retreat to give you a place to reconnect with yourself away from the busy-ness of your business. And, to help you gain clarity and confidence in you, your art, and art biz. 

I encourage you to claim this time of 5 days of lessons and exercises (just 30-45 minutes each day) to connect with yourself during the Retreat and reap untold rewards including a newfound joy and platform to fortify your creative self going forward.

It will be your time to...
   Breathe deep
   Experience what is possible
   Enjoy a respite from chaos
   Reconnect with the ”you” of your art biz

I can’t wait to see you at the Retreat!

Bonnie :)

About Bonnie Glendinning

Founder, The Artists’ Mentor

I started on a path — you could even call it a quest — to help artists like you thrive in their art career. I have been where you are and understand the frustration, hesitation, and fear that comes with not only putting your art out there but, also to make a living with it.

I decided to find the most sought after mentors, experts, and artists to learn the how’s and why’s of their success and produced The Thriving Artist Summit and The Artists’ Mentor.

I really didn’t know where this quest would take me. So far my quest has inspired and educated thousands of artists (140,000+ downloads) around the world (over 90 countries), has built a strong artist community (over 12,000), and established the ongoing development of courses and resources especially for artists like you.

Now, I am producing online programs here at The Artists’ Mentor for you to grow creatively and professionally in your art career.

With the heart of an artist, the strategy of a branding designer, the skill of a marketer, and the tenacity of an entrepreneur, I put all of my 25+ years of professional experience together for you to access in my programs.

And — stay tuned — I have more in store for us!

I look forward to you taking the next step in your art career with me.

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